What is a Compulsive Trait?

This is a trait that is above the person’s awareness level and which operates on “automatic.”  It is a “must be” or a “must do” or a “must have.” These traits are troubling because they turn ON and OFF like a faucet and always have behind them an unresolved issue from the past that the compulsion “acts out” in present time.

We see compulsive traits on the PXP when they are above (greater number) than the “Certainty” trait when the Certainty is +32 or higher.  For example, The “D” Trait is  +40 and the Communication Trait is +60.  The Communication is compulsive.

The Certainty trait is, itself, compulsive when it is the highest trait on the profile and at least 30 points above the rest of the traits.

Each trait can be compulsive.  When it is, it operates at the extreme of that trait – or it turns off completely.

For example, the “C” trait is “Composure.”  When it is high and compulsive the person is very poised and “in control – the picture of serenity.  But when he hits that level of motion where it’s just a bit too much, the trait turns OFF and the person breaks in to a thousand pieces.”