Does the profile show a valid picture of the person?

The profile is a construct of the answers put forward by the person taking the profile.  As these answers are unique to this person, so too will be the profile.

It’s important to note that this profile is not the life-long picture of the person.  It displays behaviour that can change with training or any new awareness.  In fact, the awareness gained by just viewing the profile would bring the person to understandings that would influence his behaviour, and thus any profile he would later view.

Once the profile is reviewed by the evaluator with the person taking it, it is up to that client to decide whether it fairly captures his behaviour or not, and whether it was useful.

There are conditions whereby the person would normally refuse to accept any sort of comment concerning his behaviour, but the profile itself would show this inclination and the skilled evaluator would frame the evaluation is such a way that the person would gain a benefit from it.

The road to certainty is never in what someone else says, it is in what you know for yourself to be true according to your own observation.

This is true not only of the one taking the profile, but the one evaluating it.  Anyone with experience evaluating these profiles has supreme  confidence in the accuracy of the profile. His skill comes in the way he presents these results to the recipient.

The sole purpose of the evaluation is to help the person arrive at a higher state of awareness of his own condition in such a way that he benefits from this knowledge.

Senior Evaluator