Terms and Conditions

The Personal MatriX Profile™ exam and its results are provided as is for your use. You assume all responsibility and liability for the use of the PXP, its results, and any interpretations of those results. You agree to hold PerfectProfiler, its products, and employees harmless and keep them exonerated from all liability of loss, damage, or expense incurred as the result of the PerfectProfiler site or its tools. You agree to indemnify PerfectProfiler for any loss, liability, costs, legal fees, expenses, or damages as a result of your actions. The results of the examinations are filed as a part of the quality control program and are part of the confidential archives of PerfectProfiler and used to enhance the training of evaluators and to perform certain population surveys for use in marketing programs. The identities of respondents will be kept confidential and their details never shared with anyone but the evaluator/member they designate.